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our mission

As we passionately beautify landscapes and renovate swimming pools, our mission is to be the magic that energises and inspires our clients as they grow, entertain and live in our creations.

our vision

We set a global benchmark in pool renovations and pool innovations by creating masterpieces, in our neighbor’s backyards.

Our level of project and customer focus raises the industry standard in our domestic market. Beginning with a diverse, skilled team, we create a culture that attracts talent to all aspects of our business.


Success – With each job, we capitalise on success and inspire ourselves to step up to the next level.

Team – Our team is highly motivated, disciplined and willing to share responsibility.

Art – We encourage creativity and achievement for our clients and all members of the team.

Guests – We are valued and respectful guests in peoples homes.

EnvironmentAs we work with the resources of our trade, we leave only our amazing creations.

jagun. n. country, ground, earth, land. Yugambeh dialect


Jagun was established in 2005 to provide exceptional quality swimming pool and landscape construction to the residents of Brisbane. We chose our name to reflect our region and the native plants we worked with.

Over the years we have evolved and specialised in Swimming Pool Renovations and Surrounds. Our work has almost entirely revolved around the domestic residential market. Our success in this market is something we are proud of, as a high level of professionalism and quality is expected when you are invited into peoples homes. We feel it is a mark of success that customers often recommend us to their friends and family.

Our pool renovations and surrounds include, but are not limited too; Copings, tilebands, interiors, filtration, heating, lighting, fencing, surrounds, retaining walls decking and water-features. In fact, if it can be on a new pool, we can retrofit to your existing pool.

If you are not comfortable with the shape, size and format of your existing pool, we can undertake structural alterations to better suit your needs. After almost 20 years creating and working with great pool and landscape trades, and more than 12 years of operation, we have created the team and service to fulfil your pool renovation needs.

Happy swimming – Jagun Pools and Landscapes

jagun. n. country, ground, earth, land. Yugambeh dialect