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Pool Renovation Assistant


Jagun has been established for over 12 years and has won numerous state and national awards. We are looking for some fresh energy to join our team. Do you want to work in a job with these benefits?

  • Feel the sense of accomplishment after transforming something broken into something beautiful.
  • Be creative.
  • Work normal, family friendly hours.
  • An opportunity to advance in a global industry.
  • Work outdoors.
  • Be part of an national award winning team.
  • Learn and grow in a unique trade combining old and modern skills.

WARNING – This is a young persons game (yes, women can do this job). If you have the energy, you’ll have guns to spare and cash in your pocket for the weekend. If you can hack it for a few years, you’ll have a trade that will last a life time. If you do not have the energy, you will not last.


  1. Open drivers licence.
  2. High level of fitness.
  3. Well presented.

Job Purpose

You will be working alongside a tradesman with almost 20 years experience and connecting with other skilled craftsman.  Your primary role will be to fulfil procedures and processes between trade tasks on pool renovations and document our progress.

Key Objectives

Prepare pools for trade contractor works.

  1. Prepare existing pools for resurfacing and repair
    1. Protect surfaces to be retained
    2. Tidy sites to remove all distractions, delicate items and safety hazards
    3. Remove trade debris from site and clean surfaces where required
    4. Identify tool conditions and report problems.
    5. Keep tools clean, tidy and in correct location.
  2. Execute Procedures for basic pool renovation
    1. Identify coping, tileband, interior, fencing and filtration components.
    2. Recognise and fulfil a range of tasks require prior and post, trade contractor job stages.

Document site status.

  1. Identify and record tasks via tablet.
  2. Photograph jobs and organise files.
  3. Upload images to social media.

Assist trades.

  1. Follow instruction from trades where required.
  2. Learn and apply trades skills.

Performance Goals

  1. Prepare pools for resurfacing unaided.
  2. Maintain Job sites between trade stages.
  3. Document jobs as per written procedures.
  4. Learn and apply basic trade skills.
  5. Adhere to company values.


  1. Construction Award.
  2. Bonus structure based on team goals.


  1. Fit and Healthy.
  2. Team and community oriented.
  3. Ability to work independently.


No alcoholic, drug-taking, angry, loud-mouths should apply.

If you share our values and can see yourself creating beautiful pools, then we would love to hear from you. Resume and cover letter not necessary, please answer the following and email;

  1. What are your best attributes?
  2. How do you see yourself fulfilling our specific company values?
  3. How do you see this position fulfilling your career goals?
  4. What is your social media presence?
  5. What do you like listening to whilst driving or working?

Pool and Outdoor Tilers

We have a range of opportunities for skilled teams and individuals to tile our projects. Some jobs are basic and others  are for artists. Whatever your technical ability, we have jobs waiting for quality subcontractors. Good hourly and quantity rates available. We pay on time and our sites are clean and tidy. The most important component of working with Jagun is adhering to our values to ensure our high levels of job quality and customer satisfaction. Please contact us through this website for more information. Is your tiling going to be on our next award winner?