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Pool Renovations Specialists


Has your pool become a source of anxiety, not fun? If so, it is time to consider a swimming pool renovation. We can repair or replace any pool tiling and paving, resurface the interior, update the plumbing or put in a new wall to totally change the shape of an existing pool. Jagun takes an existing swimming pool and surrounds in need of some TLC, and transforms it into an outdoor water room that is a dream to enjoy. Basic, good design principles and an artistic flair for renovation combine to make Jagun the best choice for your swimming pool renovation.

A pool is a big investment in time and money. You want it to be a space that screams “Come play and part in your amazing pool!”. Your water room should be one that you, your family friends immensely enjoy spending as much time in as you can. So if you can’t say that describes your exiting pool, then give us a call.

We have built our reputation on the details of doing pool renovations. We take the time to identify why a pool has deteriorated, identify the problem and repair the symptoms.

Our extensive experience in pool renovations has given Jagun insights into such a huge variety of techniques and materials that we can reinvent any historical swimming pool element to make it the latest in home and garden fashion. We have also sub-contracted to some of Queensland’s best pool builders which has maintained our professional contact with the best new products and developments in the industry.

Landscape Design


Jagun_Feat1_post_81-300x199It has become common practice to call a landscaper at the end of a swimming pool project to try unite the pool and the house together by filling in the gaps. This is not always the best practice, and Jagun can be your first point of contact to assess your property and to consider all the elements necessary to achieve the most ideal solution for your home.

Design doesn’t have to be an exclusive service. Good design can save thousands in construction costs, as well as potential savings in maintenance. In a domestic situation complicated drawings are not always necessary, nor legible for many home owners. Most issues can be solved with simple design solutions within a basic consultation framework that may not need expensive drawings.

To get the best swimming pool solution it is necessary to consider the entire property, not just the pool. Jagun works to connect swimming pools to houses, making the pool another room of the home. Considering the paths, patios, walls, fences and plants, is part of the Jagun process of creating an inspirational water room. A professional emphasis on aesthetic and functional issues, combined with industry experience give Jagun the skills to produce excellent designs. A love of the job helps produce inspired designs. Most people know what they want but just need help communicating it, so give us a quick call to get started.


In todays construction environment the options for finishing the top edge of a swimming pool are limited only by the imagination, and non slip properties. The ultimate goal is to unite the pool with the landscape and the house to create a swimming pool solution that links the pool to the home.

Jagun can show you a huge range of samples or we can install a product from your favorite tile shop. Alternately, Jagun can organise a stunning deck from backdoor to waters edge.

Waterline Tilebands

When it comes to tiles in the water, Jagun can install any swimming pool rated product. Glass, ceramic or stone around the water line of your pool helps with cleaning and looks great.

We also tile the edges of steps and benches so they can be seen easily when diving into the pool. For a real treat Jagun can fully tile your benches and steps.

Plumbing and Lighting

Like many things in the modern world, the technology in swimming pool water chemistry and lighting moves quickly. Our new pools include the best value in the latest technology.

A pool renovation is the best opportunity to retrofit an existing pool with the latest products to improve sanitation, appearance, and ease of maintenance.

After assessing your needs and the researching the appropriate products, Jagun can make your old pool operate like a new one. For example, we can drill through your pool wall to install pipes for latest pool heating products or install a spectacular remote controlled lighting system.

Waterproof Pebble Surfaces

Our new pools can have any combination of many spectacular products designed to waterproof pools. Preparing an existing swimming pool for resurfacing often involves plenty of painful jackhammering. Through this process Jagun has learnt the products and techniques that work, and we can install the best new surface to your pool.

Fully Tiled Pool Surfaces

For the ultimate in swimming pool interiors Jagun can tile your entire pool interior with any swimming pool rated glass, ceramic or stone tile. This is premium product that lasts longer than any other finish and adds value and class to any pool. We usually do this in-house with Dan onsite most of the time.

tiling and paving

As your pool builder we can source tiles and grouts that best match your house and surrounds. We tile directly to concrete slabs with all the right falls and drainage systems to keep pool water in the pool and garden water in the garden. We can also do stairs that match your pool coping.


At Jagun we can happily install water-features that are for fish to swim in, not people. However we are usually creating water-features attached to swimming pools and the design is limited only to the imagination.

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