Gold Winner – SPASA Queensland 2017 – Pool Renovation Under $25,000

Silver Winner – SPASA Australia 2017 – Pool Renovation Under $25,000




The Customer’s Brief

Make this pool special! It is only used for a month or two, it is ugly and it is falling apart. We need something beautiful to suit the rest of our home. We will be guided by you to make this happen and meet our high expectations.

Description of Works

The time came to refine a cheaply constructed pool built at the end of the GFC. This besser block pool was built without a bench, steps or variable depths. The coping was a deteriorated 30mm thick Himalayan sandstone and the light fitting was inoperable. The basic pebble interior was in good condition, as was the filtration.

Design – The Paddington location demanded the highest quality finishes installed by skilled craftsman. We worked with the client and The Stone and Tile Studio to choose a 600x400x30mm, Light Travertine coping and a custom Bisazza tile blend – Shift ‘Aquario’ for the waterline and feature wall. We then specified simple but quality Spa Electrics light and Pooldeck ladder to provide access and amenity. With an introduction to Sunbather, the project was completed with a Rheem heat pump.

Complexity – This scope of works had many elements in a small space further compounded by our intention to retain the existing interior. To do this without damaging the pebble, the job was scheduled for winter, a lot of prep work was done with the pool full and the pool was only empty for a week or 2. The most difficult issue was keeping the pebble clean, particularly as we finished the mosaics with epoxy grout. This involved a lot of pressure cleaning and masking off large areas. We were also working to an existing deck when installing the coping, so levels and spacing were influenced by both pool internals and the existing deck dimensions and levels. As the coping stone was imported and impossible to match with any other batch, we were working without a safety net when cutting the coping and core-drilling to install the ladder.

Workmanship – The selection of tiles and the complexity of installation demanded the highest level of tiling skills. The timing and complexity of the job required significant preparation and planning. As all the elements came together it was clear that this was also an impressive team effort.

Amenity – This small pool was built without steps or benches, so the simple addition of a ladder made it possible to actually use the pool. Deep and shaded by the house, this was a cold pool. The inclusion of a heat pump was an essential component of getting people to actually use this pool. The Aesthetic amenity is truly spectacular in transformation. The energy of our client guided the finishes from a dull, unattractive space to what is now a spectacular space for the family to enjoy for years to come.