Gold Winner – SPASA Queensland 2017 – Pool Renovation Over $25,000

Silver Winner – SPASA Australia 2017 – Pool Renovation Over $25,000



The Customer’s Brief

1. Our pool is falling apart. The coping has de-laminated and the interior is discoloured. The feature wall is falling apart due to the rusted framework and crumbling stackerstone.
2. The finishes do not match other renovations in the house.
3. Most importantly, the pool encroaches on the neighbours property and we have a legal obligation to move the pool 160mm back into our property.

Description of Works

The crucial design component of this project is engineering. We worked with our engineers to develop a solution for a cold joint in a pool shell wall that is so far out of the ground that the bottom of the pool is more than half a metre above natural ground level. Please see the during pictures to truly understand the depth of the challenge.

We first had to demolish the existing structures. This included basic pool renovation works to remove and prepare the existing coping and interior. We also carefully deconstructed the fence on top of the pool shell. The real challenge was to safely cut and remove 800mm of a concrete pool this far out of the ground.

To rebuild the pool shell we began with a footing below natural ground. We then built a block wall and leveled the ground to the bottom of the existing pool shell. Steel was drilled into the existing pool shell and connected to the steelwork in our new core filled blockwork. Next, we sprayed the new concrete pool wall. The most important part of the new wall construction was our use of advanced civil construction techniques to secure and waterproof the concrete cold joint.

With a solid pool shell completed, we installed a classy new travertine coping and Bissaza tile band. The interior is Jewels 4 Pools 50% opal. The new fence on top of the pool is a simple rendered board painted in a subtle charcoal-purple.

This challenging scope of works reflects the marathon of stress our clients and their neighbours have endured due to the boundary encroachment of the original pool builder. The resolution is a tidy beautiful feature pool for this modern home.